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Business Administration & Sport Management Dual Degree Student at the University of Michigan

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My name is Alex Saposhnik and I'm a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration and Sport Management. I'm currently a Student Manager for the Michigan Women's Basketball Team and previously interned for the past two years at NBA Summer League, where I most recently was recognized as the Intern MVP. I also am the co-creator and co-host of the Personal Foul Podcast, a weekly podcast covering basketball and football. On campus, I'm actively involved in the University of Michigan Sport Business Association (SBA) as a member of the Research & Insights Committee. 

I have a tremendous passion for basketball and am highly interested in working in the NBA. Through my current and past experiences, I've developed excellent skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and multitasking. As a dual degree student, I'm often enrolled in a maximum course load of 18 credits each semester while working over 10 hours a week as a Student Manager and being an active committee member in SBA. I've utilized my exceptional time management skills and have quickly learned how to navigate tools that have helped me thrive in and out of the classroom.


At Summer League, my assignments and team members changed on a daily basis, which exposed me to a variety of experiences. It was critical for me to have excellent communication skills and to be very flexible since the team dynamic changed daily. I collaborated with my teammates to ensure processes such as arena quality control and concourse activations ran smoothly.


As a Student Manager, I’ve maintained a high level of attentiveness during practices. I must be aware of the setup for over 20 different drills and sustain high-quality court conditions. These drills are fast-paced and require a high level of attentiveness to meet the needs of the team. I also have experience using industry-wide applications such as Sportscode. I'm confident that my skill set and work ethic will make me a valuable asset to any organization.

Outside of school, I love to spend my free time with my friends, family, and my two dogs. Some of my hobbies include playing pick-up basketball, golfing, collecting vinyl, traveling, and cooking. 

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